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What is a Smile Makeover?

There are many different factors that could be making your smile not as appealing as it could be. Here are some of the factors we consider when evaluating a smile. If your smile is not as attractive as you would like, give yourself permission to achieve what you have been desiring. We can help you with altering the color, shape & alignment of teeth, replace missing teeth, enhance or modify gum tissues and so much more. It is amazing how many options we have to help you and your situation. Imagine finally having the smile you have always dreamed of having. We want your to look and feel your best! It can be done faster than you might think! Often with minimal to no discomfort.

Lips and Gums.
Just like a frame surrounding a picture we want it to look nice and not be a distraction from the image it holds. Irregular gum lines, gummy smiles, gum recession can all be treated to look more appealing and pleasing.

Spacing and Alignment.
Gaps between teeth and crowded alignment, for example, can interfere with a good smile. These can be resolved with dental restorations as well as procedures utilizing aligners, retainers and various forms of ceramic or metal braces.

Tooth color.
This is a common problem with many patients. Many people suffer from discolored teeth for various reasons, and this often distracts from an otherwise attractive smile. Your teeth may get discolored due to smoking or drinking tea, coffee, and red wine. Teeth may often appear grey, brownish or yellowish depending on the reason for the discoloration or age of the patient. If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth, we can whiten them with treatments as simplistic as teeth whitening, to conservative bonding, to minimal preparation veneers, or in more extreme cases crowns if the teeth are badly damaged.

When it comes to the shape of one's teeth we can make them longer, wider, flatter, more curved, we have numerous options to help you modify the shape of your teeth with various treatments like bonding, veneers and crowns.

Missing Teeth.
Missing teeth can cause unsightly gaps to show up when you smile or laugh. With modern ceramics we can create bridges and artificial teeth that mimic the tooth that has been lost. However most people like implants as they are a far better alternative to replace the missing tooth without impacting the adjacent teeth. A single implant tooth or multiple implants can look very natural nowadays compared to old dentures and bridge technology

How much is a smile makeover?

When done well it is priceless right?

Don't focus on the cost, focus on finding the right cosmetic dentist for the job as every one claims to be a cosmetic dentist. Depending on the difficulty and the number of teeth involved and the materials and techniques used you could whiten teeth for a few hundred dollars to rebuilding every tooth in ones mouth for over $100,000. It is such a broad range because every mouth is different and every procedure and technique is different there are never any two cases are the same.

Along the same thought is how much does a veneer cost or an all ceramic crown for a normal case? Again it depends on the circumstances. along with the materials and work involved, so a single tooth could cost any where from $1500 to $7500. However I have seen ranges for multiple veneers and crowns typically running anywhere from $1500 a tooth to $4500 per tooth. Want to learn more about finding the right cosmetic dentist to help you with your unique situation? Download this eBook to learn more about Cosmetic Dentistry.

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